Camping Trip

Just got back from taking the 8-13s on an overnight camping trip to Sussex. The trip was part of Justin Welby’s Thy Kingdom Come Campaign 2017 which reminds us of our call, as Christians, to journey deeper with God and to pray for our friends and family. With lots of help from Lucy Moore’s excellent book The Lord’s Prayer, we had discussions, activities, and creative prayers around the theme of Thy Kingdom Come, and we learned how to put up tents, cook on a BBQ and make s’mores. My favourite moment was singing “This Little Light of Mine” on the grass in the pitch black at 10:30pm, clutching candles. It was one of the only moments in the whole trip that the children were calm and focused. I love them when they’re energetic and all over the place too, but this was a special moment that reminded me of the importance of getting away from the day-to-day rhythm of life, of retreating together to enjoy creation, each other’s company, and something of the mystery of God. The kids went to sleep at 12:30am and woke up 4 hours later. It was amazing, but I am utterly exhausted!

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